Lavish Yachting is operated in Dubai under UAE laws and regulations. Have a look on our terms and conditions to understand the process and liabilities.

Personal Identification of Charter Passengers

It is vital for all charter passengers to provide personal identification proof. One must provide either his passport or copy of passport, UAE driving license or national identity card as requested by UAE Coastguard Rules and Regulations prior to departure. Any person without personal identification will never be permitted onboard.

Charter Inclusions

The items included in the charter fee are selected yacht, captain, crew members, professional skipper, first aid equipment, soft drinks, towels and fishing rods.

Number of passengers

The number of travelers should be mentioned clearly and reservation must be made at least 24 hours prior to departure.

Captain’s Authority

The captain has authority over seamanship, passengers, crew and all operations on the yacht. He also holds complete authority over the safe navigation of the yacht and can change the course when he finds necessary. All equipment onboard is under his authority. He may prohibit activities deemed to be unsafe.

Responsibility of Children

Any children onboard are the responsibility of his parents or guardians. The crew will not be responsible for any behavior of the kids.

Attire onboard

Comfortable and sun protected clothing is recommended. Flat, no marking shoes, sneakers, joggers or trainers are preferred to be worn. High heels are highly prohibited onboard to ensure safety.


Bookings are made on the first come first served basis. If booking has to be cancelled because of unavailability of yacht, no liability will be accepted.

Refund Policy

Lavish Yachting holds the authority to cancel the charter at any point before departure due to unfavorable weather conditions, mechanical fault or any kind of violation of UAE regulations. Full amount of will be refunded in such case.

Charter Fee

50% of the charter fee must be paid at the time of booking. Payments can be made via credit cards and corporate cheque of cash. The 50% balance is required before departure and only be received in cash.

Recreational Personal Liability

No liability is acceptable for any personal injury during any recreational activity including swimming, fishing or any other water sports activity.


Photography of local ladies, government and military installations is strictly prohibited.

Anti-social activity

No anti-social activity will be accepted. In case of any such activity, the matter will be immediately reported to police and charter agreement will be terminated.

Observance of all UAE Law and Practices

All the policies and condition of Lavish Yachting are in compliance with rules and regulations of UAE. Every passenger must follow the following:

    • Numbers of passengers should not exceed than those stated in agreement.
    • All persons under 21 must be supervised by any adult guardian.
    • Only UAE approved food can be brought onboard.
    • Fishing and other water sports activities must be conducted under UAE regulations.
    • Pets are not allowed onboard.

Captain and crew are contingent as required by UAE rules and regulations.


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