Yacht Chartering Dubai is the best way to explore the wonders of Arabian Sea and having an amazing time on deep blue waters in the most entertaining way possible. Luxurious and lavish yachts create magical aura on the sea with their modern design and marvelous layout. Yacht chartering Dubai is not merely about having care free moments and memorable time on-board with the family or friends, but the security and safety are the major concerns when it comes to cruising. The captain and crew warmly welcome you on the stunning vessel fully equipped with all amenities. You soak up the sun reclining on the deck, listen to the live music and roam around onboard and savor the refreshments served, you totally feel free from all hassles and worries as Dubai skyline and majestic sea soothe your spirits. Everything goes smooth and hassle free because of the best safety standards we follow. We follow strict policies regarding safety standards set by aboard coast guard including approved boats and yachts. </div><p class=” description”=””>Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Safety starts and ends with the good crew. All our captain and crew are highly experienced and trained. They are not just educated but are properly trained and understand everything about the perfect yacht charter experience. Skippers and fishermen onboard are proficient and make sure to provide you full entertainment and joy with complete safety and security. From kids to elders, our entire team ensures safety for everyone. The yacht is navigated by very experienced and trained captain who knows the sea, management of yacht and different destinations like his back hand.

The yacht is insured and equipped with all safety tools. The yachts in our fleet don’t just have lavish exterior and top notch and sophisticated interior but also possess everything from life jackets and first aid kit to all safety amenities. You enjoy the murmuring sound of cruising and feel light and enjoy the lovely sights with the surety that you are in safe hands. Indulge in mesmerizing views of Dubai coastline without any fear and insecurity.

Stay safe and compliant on onboard the yacht. At Lavish Yachting, we consider safety and security a culture both onboard the yachts and ashore. We put safety above everything else. It is vital for our clients to feel comfortable and secure that’s why we give our prestigious guests, crew and valuable yachts paramount importance. Safety and security are maintained through stringent observance of security codes and international safety management. Our experienced team ensures that every yacht is managed to the best practice standards. From operating manuals and yacht certification monitoring to 24/7 on call assistance, our expert team always remains at the service of privileged guests. Our crew is responsible for the safe running of yachts and the smooth running of the entire process to make sure your chartering experience go as smooth as possible.

Safety and security are always a big concern when it comes to deciding the safest yacht charter option in Dubai. No one would want to cost the life of his loved ones for spending some moments of joy on the sea. Safety is always a priority for every cruising enthusiast. At lavish Yachting, we want you to enjoy care free yachting experience. That’s why we make sure to provide you the complete comfort with utmost safety and security. Our yacht safety and security include:

  • 24 hours’ emergency response including medical aid
  • Simplified management system
  • ISM certified
  • Planned maintenance programs
  • Onboard safety audits
  • Trained and experienced crew and captain
  • Certification and documentation management system
  • Guidance on local cruising regulations

Sail on the Arabian Sea in care free manner while we are here to ensure complete safety and security aboard the yacht.


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