Imagine having a beautiful event held on a yacht surrounded by calm waters and peace in air with both friends and family members. We arrange for get-togethers on our yachts which are personalized and custom tailored for our clients. It can be your birthday party, anniversary, Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving, we are there to arrange a nice get-together for you and your guests and this will be within your budget.

We provide you with yacht renting services for all types of events. Our yachting experience is being considered for all types of celebrations. At Lavish Yachting, we understand that needs do change and we are equipped fully so as to meet your yachting requirements. It can be a corporate gathering celebrating an achievement made by a company, or an intimate and private get-together with family and friends, but an onboard cruise with us in Dubai will make the event memorable.

If you need a more upscale boating experience, a luxury boat cruise can help you. We will help you visit wonderful places in Dubai and you will view its grand landscape. If you need to celebrate your get-together in style and comfort, then contact Lavish Yachting and schedule a yacht rental for yourself today. Come and let us show you the beauty of the sea.

Get together with your friends and family members for an exclusive adventure or event and spend an unforgettable moment on a yacht in the middle of an amazing sea. A personal and memorable ambiance will be created for you so as to cater for your needs.

From drinks, music, water sports activities and foods, we will make you feel very fantastic while maintaining your privacy as you may need. Come and have a view of the sun-set in a cool breeze with your friends and family members and collect the cherished memories of tomorrow.


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Lavish Yachts is providing yacht renting services for all of your events. Yachting experience is now being considered for all celebrations. We here at Lavish Yachts understand the changing requirements and fully equipped to provide best yachting services.

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