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: What secret lies in Helios sailing?


: The award winning yacht, Helios is not an ordinary yacht. A secret lies in her sailing.


: Maheen Khan

The award winning yacht, Helios is not an ordinary yacht. A secret lies in her sailing. The unique yacht is amazing creation that harnesses the sun’s power as her names suggest. The name is taken from Titan god of the sun. Helios is the personification of the sun in Greek mythology. Unlike any other yacht, ship’s battery has the capacity to store up to 355 KWh making it a perfect and most functional water vessel.

Designed by mastermind Ferrari Franchi, the vessel is hybrid with unparalleled luxury and unsurpassed lavishness. The yacht is spacious enough to carry all your loved ones abroad to marvel at the unique solar sail technology of the yacht. On this marvelous yacht design, the designer is named Young Designer of the Year 2015 by Boat International Media.

The yacht is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. The 55 foot yacht is powered by the diesel electric motor. The large black sails are not just for beauty of the yacht but they are made of flexible silicone solar cells thus, increasing the yacht capacity to absorb sun rays that assist in powering the yacht.

The sun deck is designed in such a way that it can clear rigging for spacious place to hangout. Whether you want to hang-out with your friends or just spend time sun bathing on the deck, you will enjoy everything onboard. Helios redefines the boundaries of relaxation and entertainment on a super yacht. The beautifully designed yacht has a 360 degree ring of lights that illuminate the surrounding sea at the sunset.

With four guest cabins, the yacht striking design and contemporary styling provide incomparable accommodation for ten guests along with eight crew members. The main below deck salon is convertible that can change to a movie studio from a dining room. With perfect amalgam of practicality and elegance, Helios is an ideal water craft for a luxurious yacht charter vacation.