No website is good enough without being responsive and bad loading experience. User not only shut down the website, they never come back. We now how inconvenience it is for any user to be deceived by their favorite service providers. So, considering all the flaws and drawbacks of our previous website, we have come up with a facelift of a website. All this effort is done to provide better user experience and easy navigation. The coding has been redesigned for faster loading and yes navigation has also got a new makeover.

As always user’s experience is the essential thing for us and to maintain it, we have redesigned our website for easy navigation and better response. All the inconvenience you had faced previously won’t trouble you again. Here, you have a new design, a complete and perfect way to book your yacht with Lavish Yachting.

Inclusions in the new design of Website:

  1. The phone number on the top

Any user that lands to our age can get a phone number on the top left of our website it is so the user can immediately call and don’t have to bother anything else. Our customer representative behind will ensure that your queries are answered well. Now your booking is only a call away.

  1. Booking Form to get your itinerary on an immediate basis

It is clearly mentioned to go to the form age and fill it out. You just must fill a form with very few questions and send it to us. Shortly, you’ll receive an email regarding your suitable packages and deals to choose. Then, you can book it through the call easily.

  1. Services well explained

On the same page services are explained or you can navigate to the services tab and choose the one that is in your mind. All the services, their amenities and other essential are well explained Go through it and yes you are done with all the searching now.

  1. Feasible Social Media Access

To stay in touch and be aware of our new exciting deals there is social media access just join us and be the first one to know about any event. It will be quite convenient for you to approach us as more than a half population of the entire world is on social media.

All changes are done to ensure better and exciting experience for a user. The moment you land on our page, we want you to stay and long enough to leave after booking your yacht event with us. Browsing is the most crucial factors of today’s life. But business holders can always make it a wonderful path for their user. This is what we tried by face-lifting our website.

We care about our user’s better browsing and your suggestions are always welcome.

Afia Muhammad is a former journalist and now she is writing full time about yacht charter and yachting in Dubai. She has personally been on all types of small to large size yachts. She has also been engaged in organizing wedding and events on yachts in Dubai.