Any event takes time in planning and scheduling. In case you’re planning to have a luxury event that is for a birthday, meeting or any event on a yacht, there are few things that you should consider before booking it. You need to plan it ahead of the time and choose a yacht carefully.
Keep in mind that timing in such bookings matters a lot. The organizers have a lot of things to look up for arranging a yacht, crew availability, décor, weather climate and a lot more. All these measurements are done to ensure a mind-blowing journey on the cruise. So, here is the list of things that you should consider before booking a yacht.

Aspects to Keep In Mind before Booking

  1. Timings

Timing is the most essential aspect of any event. It’s a birthday event, it is known before a year so, plan it in advance. Cooperate meetings or award ceremonies are also scheduled, even these events are only scheduled after confirming the venue. So be aware of the timing and the scheduling of a yacht sailing should be monitored closely. Follow the instructions by the organizers and be there before the time.

  1. Budget

Different yachts are booked at different prices. There are low budget sailors and highly maintained classy yachts too. It’s you who have to decide the budget overall. The right way to do it all within your budget is to do your research, ask for the possibilities, amenities and cover every major and minor detail you require on the board. So, in this way you can rent a yacht that is suitable to your pocket.

  1. Crew

The team of lavish yachting is already quite professional. They are trained with best of the expertise including serving the meals, attending guests or even in the case of emergency. They are fully aware of their responsibility. You can still meet the captain or request your coordinators to let you meet the crew. Visit the sight and witness the arrangements by yourself.

  1. Amenities

Amenities are totally dependent on the event you’re booking. Inform the team about the plan and they will guide you through the amenities. You can also look up on the website. Birthdays are followed by different decors while weddings have a completely different look. So, before you’re done with booking and payment, one should know that what kind of an event he wants to hold on board and ask for all the amenities in the beginning.

  1. Yachts sizes and headcount

Every yacht can accommodate a specific number of people. So, if you’re looking for a yacht, check the head count on your end. Ask the organizers according to your guest’s count and they will serve you the best. Although, all of the coordinators will take the details before booking you are still supposed to look for the details on your behalf. The website has all the detailed data or you call to get the idea. Once you have got the idea, you can rent any yacht conveniently.
Sailing or boating on the Arabian Sea is one of the best experience out of any other luxury events. There are dozens of Companies in Dubai that are providing the best yacht rental services. Lavish yachting is also one of them making the difference by offering the quality on board for any event of your choice.

Afia Muhammad is a former journalist and now she is writing full time about yacht charter and yachting in Dubai. She has personally been on all types of small to large size yachts. She has also been engaged in organizing wedding and events on yachts in Dubai.