Dubai is one of the most beautiful places in this world that captures the attention of millions of travelers every year. In fact, Dubai is one of those cities, where every kind of enjoyment and entertainment is accessible and this is one of the main reasons that people, from different parts of the world, visit Dubai. The sources of entertainment in this city are enjoyable by all the locals and foreigners and there is no surprise in realizing that the city is always full of colors and lights. No matter if you are here to celebrate a family occasion, a wedding or vacations with your friends, Dubai has everything for everyone. The food, environment and everything else is always according to the requirements.

In addition to the entertainment sector, the most famous yacht of Dubai ‘Lotus’ is getting all the eyes and appreciation since its day one. Of course, traveling on a yacht is one of the dreams and Lavishing Yacht is here to make this dream come true. There are several yachts that may satisfy your utility and experience, but the experience of Lotus is extraordinary. The ‘Lotus’ is one of the biggest yachts in the UAE, which has the capacity of 1000 people and it is 220ft long. For sure it is amazing to be on Lotus, but that is not just the end. Yes, there are many other great things on this yacht, which are unforgettable ever and it is one of the best places for weddings, family gatherings, professional meetings, as surely its name is enough to impress your guests.

The Experience of Buffet at Lotus Yacht

An occasion is incomplete without food and of course; delicious food is what people seek at the parties. From breakfast to dinner, the Lotus yacht serves everything and for sure, the taste of the food is delectable that your taste buds won’t forget for several days. It includes all the international standards of serving food and there is no surprise that Lotus offers a variety of cuisine, so you name it and the Lotus has it. So if you are one of those people who love to taste different food under a single shelter and also you want to impress your guests, then you are at the right place because Lotus includes a buffet system and it is grabbing attention many national and international folks. There are several reasons why people love the Lotus yacht’s buffet and the most common ones are below

Multiple Cuisines

Sometimes a single item from the menu might satisfy your empty stomach, but you might still wonder to have something else to satisfy your taste buds. This is one of the main reasons that on Lotus yacht, you get everything to eat due to the buffet system. It is also revealed through various reviews that people are enjoying more at Lotus as they are able to have several cuisines under one shelter without any restriction policy. So if you want your guests to go home by taking some phenomenal food experience, then don’t forget that Lotus yacht is all set for you.

Let Your Guests Enjoy

Are you scared of the thought that your party might get boring as the dinner or lunch will be served? Because it happens when there is no buffet system. It is observed that most of the guests feel uncomfortable and shy as they are served on the table. It becomes difficult for them to interact while having food, as they might be seated far away from each other. The Lotus yacht understands your fears and knows how to handle a great party or a gathering that will surely make you impressive everywhere. At Lotus’s buffet, your guests surely enjoy the food and drinks along with the interaction and conversations.

Cost Saving

The buffet system at the Lotus is cost saving as compared to the plated system in the weddings, parties and gatherings. People are found to be at ease with the finances related to all the food arrangements at the Lotus yacht.

100% Satisfaction

In the family gatherings, weddings or parties, the host always seeks the satisfaction of his or her guests, especially when it comes to dinner or lunch. If the food is not good then everything else does not matter. Since the buffet system at the Lotus yacht has started, the hosts are being complimented on the food and the yacht has helped several people to maintain, and raise their impression on the people they are related to. At Lotus yacht, your friends, family or coworkers will definitely go back home with 100% satisfaction.

The Lotus Yacht in Dubai is the best venue for weddings, family gatherings, parties and meetings. The ambiance is surely remarkable and the food in the buffet is full of diversification, and taste that is indelible.

Afia Muhammad is a former journalist and now she is writing full time about yacht charter and yachting in Dubai. She has personally been on all types of small to large size yachts. She has also been engaged in organizing wedding and events on yachts in Dubai.