It’s that time of the year again, party time! Your birthday is just round the corner and you have not been able to decide on a venue for your birthday bash. You are probably tired of attending as well as hosting home parties. Doesn’t a birthday party on a yacht sound exciting?

As you read this, you are probably thinking that hosting a birthday party on a yacht is a millionaire’s prerogative. Do you know that hiring a yacht for a birthday party is fast becoming an affordable luxury?  Read on to know the reasons why a birthday party on a yacht is an absolute must do activity.

A Stylish Affair

A birthday is a memorable occasion to celebrate with family and friends. Throwing a birthday party on a yacht is a relaxing, luxurious experience and definitely reveals your class and style. Nothing compares to cruising on pristine waters on a spacious, stylish yacht. It might sound clichéd like something out of a movie, but what better way to make a statement than doing it in style.

Remember, the word “STYLE” sums up what a birthday party on a yacht could mean to you and your guests. A birthday party on a yacht is going to be
Sophisticated, Trendy, Youthful, Luxurious, and Energizing

Beautiful Ambience

A yacht offers the perfect venue for your party. Sailing away on a yacht, celebrating your birthday with loved ones amidst a lovely setting can give you beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Sailing on a yacht, watching the shoreline, the clear blue water and the sky above is like getting a glimpse of paradise.

Unlike an indoor birthday party, that has only walls and interior décor as a view, water provides a changing canvas. You only have to pick your time and the type of yacht, and watch the water provide a breathtaking ambience.

Unique Experience

A birthday party on a yacht is a memorable experience not only for you, but also for your guests. Be it an intimate gathering or a large group, you can find a yacht to suit your requirement. Most people don’t get outside enough, so your guests are definitely going to thank you for choosing an outdoor venue. It’s a chance for them to not only experience your warmth and hospitality but also enjoy a unique experience that will stay etched in their memories forever.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about a guest sauntering in when the party is about to end. This is possible at a house party, but aboard a yacht, turning up late means missing all the fun.

Non-stop Entertainment

Have you attended parties where you felt that you had to leave, just when you started enjoying the party? It could have been neighbors complaining against loud music or even a self-imposed curfew time by the host. Whatever the reasons, be assured that a birthday party on a yacht has none of these restrictions. Daytime or evening, live music and a DJ can be arranged. You can turn the spacious layout of a yacht into the perfect dance floor. Dance the night away with music blaring in the background.

Personalized Attention

Once on board, you have your own private space, and gatecrashers are rare on a yacht. There is no one else vying for the staff’s attention. It’s almost like owning the yacht. You get to decide the menu, entertainment, and décor. Enjoy the attention and pampering, and feel like royalty on your birthday.

Combine Pleasure and Sports

Planning a theme party adds more fun to the occasion. Apart from enjoying the birthday bash, you and your guests have the pleasure of going on a yacht ride as a group. A yacht provides the privacy that you and your guests need. You can choose to sail or enjoy the party right in the middle of the sea or river. Increase the fun element in your party by combining it with water sports like fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, stand-up paddling etc.

Lip Smacking Fare

No birthday party is complete without delicious food. Cuisine aboard a yacht is more interesting than at a restaurant. Did you know that food tastes better in an outdoor venue? The fresh air and the great view makes for a fine dining experience. You can decide on a menu that uses fresh, local ingredients. In addition to this, you might want to throw in a cooking lesson from the chef for your guests. Your guests will savor this experience of being treated to delicious food as well as learning how to cook an equally tasty dish.

Amazing Photographs

Certain environments are better photographic subjects than others are, and water is one such environment.  Be it a serene lake, a busy harbor, or an interesting coastline, a yacht ride is replete with opportunities for taking stunning photographs.  If you need a change in background, you only have to look up to the illuminated skyline. These candid pictures taken on the yacht might turn out to be your favorite birthday clicks.

Improve Fitness Levels

Wondering how on earth, throwing a birthday party on a yacht is going to improve fitness levels? Studies show that connecting to the outdoors is an important contributor to good health. You get your dose of vitamin D from sunshine, but time spent with near and dear generates vitamin H (Happiness). This is the perfect opportunity to load up on this special vitamin called happiness.

We live in a digital age that constantly requires us to call or text others, or spend hours in front of a computer. This inability to relax causes stress, insomnia and depression. A yacht ride is a perfect excuse to cut off from a stressful environment. This is one reason that your doctor will vouch for too.

So, on your birthday if you want to commune with nature, mix sports and pleasure, all in the midst of relaxing company, think no further than a yacht.