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Lavish Yachting brings the most exalted yacht chartering experience with the unsurpassed luxuries and incomparable comfort. Lavish Yachting encompasses the multitude of immaculate yachts that are fully equipped to meet your needs. We provide best yacht rental charter services in Dubai.

The journey of adventure, excitement and lifetime cherished moments begins when you step in the bayside of Dubai. With such epic panoramic sceneries of the nature, seeing the merging of the dark skies with the pearl blue water what remains unexplored or incomplete within is the experience and lush feel of luxury yachting. Sounds like a super fantastic idea and done perfectly by Yacht Rental Dubai.

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We want you to sit back, have glimpses of the beautiful dusk and dawn and relax while we assist you in screening your own customized requirements by simply opting from the list of options we have with us and matching out an entirely sumptuous package for an extravagant, adventure-loving and high end traveler like you. The fulfillment of the unrivalled feel of majestic yachting is the foremost goal that we seek. The comfort that cannot be matched, the level of services that speaks of its own, the mouth watering cuisines that adds glory to life – all awaits you and only when you see it you believe it!

Yacht Rental Dubai of lavish and luxury yachting gives you a variety of options, customizable packages, suiting your budget and your requirements, with dine in services within yachts and accommodation of world-class supremacy in lavishness. The occupancy of the yacht goes with the accommodation and services offered, but one thing that is sound and rule for all is the uncompromised luxury!!!

Cruising with a yacht has recently acquired the top notch option and gained the most desirable way of traveling and exploring the royalty of the majestic seas and oceans of a modern styled man now. What a classic feel is imparted whilst traveling on a yacht cruise with your loved ones. How incredible it looks when you see this bringing a smile on their faces that shine with the sparkling sun kissed waters. The outrage of your emotions when the water breeze flows within you and out while you sit on the deck board of yacht and see the horizon dancing in front of you with your special one, indeed a breath taking, awe inspiring moment that gets imprinted on your mind till the day you last live. Yacht Rental Dubai is ready to take your Marina Dubai Yacht Cruise to hit this imagination and flip it to reality.

Our Yacht fleet is second to none. Yacht Rental Dubai offers most sought after, well maintained and impressive fleet. We are proud to have these excellent marvels of engineering among our opulent fleet that keeps up well beyond customer’s satisfaction.  No matter which one you choose, all of them are sure to deliver you a breath taking experience of the gushing waters.

Cheapest Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai:

When you are looking for fully furnished state of the art classically designed lavish yacht cruises you can never miss out on our Cheapest Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai. We make this yachting cruise experience as top notch supreme, topped with a 5-star rated catering, beating the hunger with the sumptuous menu tantalizing the taste buds and the live BBQ grill facilities on deck to relish the freshly grilled sea food. Ample safety equipment is made accessible 24/7 as we observe strict adherence to the security and safety of all the passengers. This level of luxury never comes under such affordable costs as we are offering to you.

Boat Rental Dubai:

At Lavish Yachting we have carefully managed a friendly sewerage system in our Yacht cruises that imparts a pleasant refreshing feel to the ambience and the special nap rooms give you some quality time to smother the beauty of the horizons on the Dubai Marina bayside. Yacht Rental Dubai offers modern and more sophisticated fishing equipment aids the passengers to enjoy the onshore activities of fishing, make vlogs, love streaming, videos and snap pictures and make stories available for the friends via our 24/7 connected satellite systems.

Yachting Activities:

We care for our passengers who love to live life with upbeat music and keeping that in mind we offer facilities of clubbing, music, dancing and much more. Our cruises offer its passengers the highly activated environment for bigger gatherings of upbeat array of events. Fishing parties along with thrilling music makes all wrapped in luxury coated with the finesse of modern styling makes it the most admirable Yacht cruises that you hardly get a heart to miss out.

The lavishly styled cabin rooms and comfy bedrooms are peculiarly designed for the guests to relax the luxuries of the cruise and get refreshed. You can get yourself entertained by the specially designed staterooms, inbuilt pool facilities and underwater gleaming for perfect mesmerizing views. The luxuries are empowering in our Yachts and Yacht Rental Dubai assures the quality experience is made for a lifetime.

The luxurious staterooms, fine dine facilities, the perfectly articulated fishing systems with marine activities like jet ski, deep water diving makes it the most throttling Yacht cruises that you wish to relive over and over again. Imagine the sun-dipped deck board flowing on top of the blue sparkling waters, promising for making lifetime memories, how would one dare to miss this nature-inspired lavishly styled cruise. So keep your eyes closed, let the ocean breeze hit your sanities and you sip the simmering sunshine with a perfect lively music in the back.

Relax in Luxury Amenities:

Offering the Five-star gourmet and finger licking goods food awaits the Yacht Rental Dubai Cruise passengers. Expect an onboard head chef to arrange all the delectable delicacies and tantalizing cuisines that passengers will feast on while they cruise on the Dubai Marina bayside. Customized menu facilities are also arranged for the privileged passengers suiting their delectable buds.

Evening drinks with simmering lively music is arranged in the staterooms or lounges and various entertainment segments are run by the traveling companions. This is an excellent time to socialize and get to know the other passengers, especially when traveling with a larger group. By the time the trip is over, most passengers in a yacht cruise would have known each other by their names because of the number of guests and frequency of interaction, in contrast to ship liners.

On board activities:

When not anticipating a port stop or when not touring onshore, passengers can enjoy the luxurious amenities that the yacht has onboard. Survey the azure sea while enjoying a drink on the sundeck; soak in the Jacuzzi or swimming pool; run a few kilometers on the treadmill or lift some weights in the gym; and have a relaxing time in the spa. The jet skiing is the most adventurous one of them all. The surf boarding has yet again its own charm, the deep water diving experience is second to none. Fishing from the fresh waters is something out of the world as the freshness of the sea food can never be delivered in the dining room of the posh restaurant or 5 start hotels, but a cruise that serves you live & fresh from the sea to fire. Yacht Rental Dubai makes it for you in its own peculiar way.

Bang for the Buck!!

Now not only peers that have a couple of thousand bucks burning a hole through their pocket can cash out on this extravagant luxury of exploring the tamed waters ,but also individuals that have kept it to themselves for some time and now want to get a taste of this resplendent experience can look up to Yacht Rental Dubai. While private chartered luxury yachts often sail the rich and famous, peers there is always a yacht cruise fit for everybody. The prices are basically scaled on the amenities-the rates increase as the size and amenities increase, but that too wouldn’t go relentless on your pocket. Glorify your events:

With Yacht Rental Dubai you can ship shape your life’s most important event of getting married. The demand of modern society and this fast paced era calls for creativity dipped in elegance and smothered with panoramic views glorifying your wedding event. It’s time to do it differently in the most romantic way for your partner, making her feel all the way special for her entire life. We have a proficient creative team of event planners with us who can take your events to the next level with their different modern themed ideas and plans. You say it and we bring it to completion.

Even so, yacht cruises are the best vacation value. Travelers will know how much the vacation will cost all in all even before they leave as the fare includes the state rooms, all meals, onboard activities and entertainment, and the transportation from port to port. Travelers would only have extra expenses on optional shore excursions, shopping, and personal services such as a massage.

It is said that a yacht cruise is like no vacation on earth. With the constantly changing landscape, VIP services, and the liberating feeling of being out in the sea, it seems that this adage is most certainly true.

All in all we can provide you with an experience of a lifetime that is to be cherished, without skimping on any of the preliminaries without breaking your bank.

Lotus Weekend Brunch

Every Friday & Saturday

On board Lotus Yacht, we ensure you the time of your life with world-class services as well as unlimited entertainment options that are unmatched from the ones at any other yacht in the fleet. From sumptuous food and unlimited entertainment, this experience is surely one not to miss out on!Lotus yacht is one of the most luxurious and beautiful yachts on the waters of Dubai that will surely leave you with unforgettable memories from your trip. With modern amenities, amazing ambiance and unlimited entertainment options, you are set to have the time of your life onboard.

The numerous entertainment facilities that this yacht is equipped with include a giant swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and watersports options like jet skiing.

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Our Testimonials

I want to thank you for all your professional expertise, honesty and integrity that made my chartering experience super awesome. From start to the end, our yacht chartering experience went smoothly amazing. The yacht was clean and beautiful. The services were great and crew was dedicated and attentive. The food served onboard was delicious and freshly prepared by a chef. Everything was organized so smooth by crew that we didn’t have to worry about anything. We were given special treatment and great hospitality made us feel more exclusive. From the initial booking to the end of chartering, everything went exceptional without any hassle. I would recommend you to go there and have great time.

I’m grateful to the entire crew for making our chartering experience the adventurous one. Fishing was really enjoyable. The yacht was completely equipped with modern fishing equipment. We were impressed how well the fishermen and skippers were aware of anything about water sports activities. It was a complete entertainment for the entire family. Cruising along the picturesque views of nature and Dubai skyline and enjoying the cool breeze with my family is inexplicable. The guidance and instructions of experienced staff transformed my dream of deep sea fishing into reality. I felt so adventurous. The whole time spent onboard was full of fun that left us with beautiful memories. I’ll surely be back.

What an amazing experience! Nothing could be better start of our life than this. You made our honeymoon incredibly amazing. I and my husband can never forget the time we had on beautiful yacht. The food was fantastic. The staff was supportive and friendly. Spectacular views of surrounding doubled the joy of yacht chartering. The royal treatment by crew made us feel like queen and king. It was great time on the sea. Every aspect of our time was professionally delivered and very enjoyable. I captured plenty of memorable moments in the camera. Thank you Lavish Yachting you made our honeymoon a truly once in a lifetime experience. We’ll be returning definitely.



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